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Air Conditioning Design and Installation

Those hot summer days can make your offices and other commercial buildings unbearable. You certainly take a hit on your productivity when you feel like you are working in a sauna.

It is not just the summer sun that causes excessive heat in your workplace. There are many production processes that generate a huge amount of heat that makes life uncomfortable for those working nearby.

Most offices and retail premises are air conditioned nowadays. The earthquakes have sped up this process, with so many of the older low-quality buildings being demolished. Quality tenants generally expect their premises to be air conditioned.

Shoppers expect to be able to go through their browsing in comfort. They are unlikely to want to spend their cash on your products, if the shopping process is uncomfortable, hot and sticky. Indeed for some businesses, particularly in the food industry, a lack of air conditioning can potentially cause health issues, particularly if this leads to refrigeration units struggling to cope on hot days.

Pierson’s provides you with numerous air conditioning possibilities. You can choose from a variety of different indoor units, including hi-wall, console, under ceiling and cassette. You can opt for either a ducted or non-ducted system. We supply install, maintain and repair all major brands of commercial air conditioning.

One of our representatives will happily work through your options with you, and design you a system that best meets your needs within your available budget.