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Bi-Annual Heat Pump Servicing

Pierson’s realises that you have a busy life, and maintaining your heat pump is probably not at the forefront of your mind. This is why we offer you a biannual check-up service. You will never need to worry about clogged filters, reducing the efficiency of your system, straining the equipment.

As part of the service, your heat pump filters will be cleaned or replaced. Our fully qualified repair technician will take a good look at both the inside and outdoor parts of your heat pump, giving them a good clean, removing any built-up dirt or grime. Our technician will inspect all the parts of your heat pump system and repair or replace any faulty or damaged parts.

Pierson’s bi-annual heat pump servicing gives you peace of mind. You know that your system will be operating in its most efficient state, and will be producing heat (or cold air in summer) as economically as possible. It also provides an opportunity for our skilled technicians to keep an eye on the health of your system, and discover and/or prevent potential problems before they harm your comfort.

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