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Fujitsu Heat Pumps

If you are after either a hi-wall or floor console heat pump you will find a Fujitsu model that meets your needs. Indeed Fujitsu believes that they have New Zealand’s most comprehensive hi-wall heat pump range.

FujitsuHeat efficiency is a particular focus of Fujitsu heat pumps and most of their models are Energy Star rated. Fujitsu’s inverter engineering ensures that you will enjoy the very best economy, often delivering over 4 times the heat for the energy used. You will definitely notice the effect on your power bills!

Fujitsu heat specialists offer a written Fujitsu Better Heat Performance Guarantee, which assures you that the Fujitsu heat pump recommended for your home will deliver on its promised performance, and will provide all of the heat that you will ever need.

You can find models ranging from the Compact Hi-Wall Premier model to the High Capacity Floor Consoles, built for the coldest NZ winter, with up to 8kW of superior heating. You can also enjoy all of the benefits of Fujitsu technology if you are wanting a multi room or ducted system.