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Heat Pump Brands We Recommend, Install and Service

We offer competitive pricing for all of the major brands of heat pump.

Whether it be Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Daikin or Carrier, we will find and recommend to you the model that is best for you and your home.

So many choices! Let our team give you expert advice to help you choose your ultimate system. They can then install it for you, to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric      Fujitsu Heat Pumps      Carrier Heat Pumps      Toshiba Heat Pumps      Daikin Heat Pumps

Once you have your heat pump, you will want to ensure that it will always work, whenever you want it on the chilly winter nights or sweltering summer days. We service all of the brands we sell, so that you know that your heat pump will simply go when you press the button. Every time. Without fail.