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Hot Water and Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Half or more of your electricity account could be for your hot water heating. Traditional hot water tanks operate like large kettles, Not very efficient!

Piersons can provide a product, though, that could save you a fortune on these monthly power costs.

We can take a knife to those hot water bills with an efficient hot water heat pump. You can be assured of a reliable hot water system where you can save up to ⅔ of what your old-fashioned method is currently costing you.

Ideal for Large Families

If you are part of a busy household, you know what it’s like when the hot water runs out. You also know just how high those power bills can rocket, with all those extra showers and loads of dishes and washing.

If you install a hot water heat pump to help you cope with your large family’s needs, you will be surprised by just how quickly the system pays for itself, with the power savings making up for the upfront capital cost, in just a few years.

Don’t worry about having to deal with an expensive rebuild. A hot water heat pump is relatively easy to install (much more so than solar), and there will be no major renovations needed or building permit required.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Do you have a swimming pool, or are considering installing one? Do you have a spa pool and are looking for a better way to heat it?

Swimming pools can be heated very efficiently using a heat pump, too. Energy is transferred from the air into your pool’s water by heat exchanger. There are many different models available – ask Piersons to calculate the appropriate capacity SPHP for your pool size and temperature.