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Multi-Room Heat Pumps for Christchurch Conditions

You want your home to be your refuge against extreme Christchurch weather conditions. You want to be able to come through the door, and immediately feel comfortable, no matter which room you walk into. You want to be able to move from room to room, feeling warm in winter and cool in summer.

Unless you live in a studio flat, a single heat pump won’t give you that all-round flexibility. A separate heat pump system for each room may seem excessive and expensive. However, unless you have a new home or easy access to install ducting, a ducted heat pump system may be difficult and expensive to install.

The solution is a multi-room heat pump system

Multi-Room Heat pumpsA multi-room heat pump system will provide you with energy efficient heating and cooling for multiple rooms, indeed you can heat or cool up to nine rooms.

With this system you have individual indoor / fan / control units in each room. However the pipework from each room’s indoor unit connects to a single outdoor condensing unit.

You may only have one condensing unit, but as long as you only have one overall mode in operation (heating or cooling) at a time, you can control each indoor unit separately.

Just because you want the temperature in your lounge set to a certain level, you don’t have to have your whole home the same.

That cozy warmth you want while watching television may be too hot for somebody trying to drop off to sleep in their bedroom. With a multi-room heat pump system you are able to set the temperatures independently in every room that has an indoor unit. You can even turn off units completely in empty rooms, so you are not wasting energy or money.

You can easily create yourself a zoned control system, to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency.

Modern heat pumps are both quiet and efficient, making this an excellent way to heat an entire house.