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Request Heat Pump Repairs, Servicing or Cleaning

Once you have a heat pump installed, you want it to run smoothly, to give you peace of mind. In fact, you simply want it to go when you need it to – nothing more, nothing less!

Taking care of your heat pump is a very important task. Nothing works forever without receiving loving care on a regular basis. You depend on your heat pump to keep your home a comfortable place to live in. To ensure that this happens, you need to schedule regular maintenance .

Setting up routine heat pump maintenance with our service engineers will not only keep your system performing at a higher level, but it will save you money over time. Increasing your system’s efficiency will reap you the benefits of reaching levels of comfort you did not know existed.

Don’t neglect the health of your heat pump. You don’t want it breaking down on the coldest (or indeed hottest) day of the year, simply because you have never got around to arranging a heat pump service.

The last thing you need on a freezing cold winter evening or a blisteringly hot summer afternoon is for your heat pump to stop working. You need service as fast as possible to prevent your house from becoming a freezer or oven.

Of course, if at any time your heat pump stops operating as it should, our repair technician is just a phone call away. Be assured that you can rely on Piersons for your repairs and maintenance.