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Toshiba Heat Pumps

Toshiba takes pride in how their air conditioning can help you with your health and well-being. Air treatment, quietness and ease-of-installation are all hallmarks of Toshiba heat pumps.

Toshiba Heat PumpsThey have a range of both single-split and multi-split (including ducting) models, both a high wall and as a compact console at floor level.

Each type of heat pump comes available at a number of different power levels, ranging from small systems rated at 3.2 kW heating / 2.4 kW cooling to large units rated at 5.8 kW heating / 4.9 cooling.

The Daiseikai range of wall-mounted heat pumps achieve top class energy efficiency, and meet NZ Energy Star requirements. They are extremely quiet, measured at only 20 dB(A), to add to your peace and comfort. They can ensure that your home is a hideaway from dirt and discomfort, thanks to their Plasma Ion Purifier System. which deodorises the air and provides a pure and healthy environment.