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Ventilation Systems Design and Installation

Does your business have a need for ventilation and exhaust systems to keep its air clean, hazard free and fresh?

Commercial VentilationA combination of ductwork fans and filtration systems can send your bad smells, dust and dirty air away. A well-ducted ventilation system will immeasurably improve those “bad air” sections of your workplace.

A well ventilated workplace is a healthy workplace. Both your staff and customers will appreciate the ventilation you install.

Does your workplace suffer from having areas that are too warm, but other areas too cold? In this situation, a heat transfer system could help both your ventilation and heat control.

A ventilation system draws in fresh air from outside your building, and expels stale air back out. In winter, warm air from your hot zones can be mixed with fresh air to boost the temperature in your cold zones. In summer the reverse can happen, to cool down those hot parts of your business premises. Fresh air can also be tampered to avoid draughts occuring.

Whatever your needs, we can design a system to ensure that your work environment has plenty of fresh air circulating through it, and it is always a healthy place for you, your staff, your customers and any visitors to go about their business activity.