Canterbury District Health Board

Canterbury Laboratories – Glycol Chillers Design-Build

In July 2020 Piersons was urgently engaged by the Canterbury District Health Board to undergo a full design-build replacement of the 30-year-old APV glycol chillers that serviced the Laboratory cool rooms.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to source any direct replacement for the water-cooled APV units.

Our solution: completely re-design the entire system so that it could be fully manufactured and built in New Zealand (all within a few weeks). Along with this, great efficiency and reliability measures were able to be implemented, creating an efficient, robust and reliable system.

The system was converted to a packaged chiller setup with remote air-cooled condensing units.

All design and installation were taken care of in-house by Piersons, whilst the packaged chillers were manufactured by Pattons in Christchurch.

This project again showed that Piersons has the design nous, in-house technical ability, management skills and superior workmanship to tackle any refrigeration project thrown at us.